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The Funnies ('Token' Edition)

Published onApr 19, 2019
The Funnies ('Token' Edition)

What is this

Funny stories we’ve come across as we dig through the bowels of Github repositories for research on ‘token quality based on source code’. In each strip, we check out interesting-looking code, look up a token’s perceived value and ask questions.

Strip #1: Arcblock


  • 364 repos out of 12,141 (2%) do not have open issues or issues enabled

  • Arcblock is ranked #161 by CoinMarketCap (very actively traded)

    • No public members; no issues enabled, therefore no open issues

    • Pushed recently (March 2019)

    • Website is active:

      From the site: “Our development framework features hundreds of open-source components, flexible SDKs and documentation.”

      So...I sent them a tweet...

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