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medrec 2.0

When breaking news occurs, initial reports contain the basic facts that are known at the time. As coverage continues, we hypothesize that news organizations add context and ultimate, their own perspective to the developing story. We are analyzing this in both the short-term, i.e., the duration of a story, and in the long term, measured in years. To date, we have presented stories to mechanical turk to test the survey methods and we have a visualization of the results. We will then open it up to wider analysis.


Lack of Preoperative Information for Anesthesiologist
Agi - Agnes Melton: I am a full time practicing anesthesiologist (for over 20 years). I suffer from a chronic, persistent lack of information about the patient in front of me in the preoperative area. Cardiac, pulmo...
Looking for guinea pigs?
Jerry Hall: I’ve been to a spate of medical appointments (~40 in last six months from 10+ providers). I’ve been documenting all, including getting results, reports, imagery etc. and keeping a very brief journa...