MedRec: Medical Data Management on the Blockchain

MedRec applies blockchain smart contracts to create a decentralized content-management system for your healthcare data, across providers.
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MedRec: Medical Data Management on the Blockchain
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Open Source
Greg Garone: Do you have a time frame on the open source code? Love how this will change healthcare!
Is MedRec architecture maintainable over time?
Magnus Andersson: EHR source systems must continually evolve and Care Providers replace these systems over time. This seems to been intentionally made difficult by using a SQL Query as the stable identifier of a r...
Working model
Sunil Rai: Coming from the healthcare field, I can associate with the vision and pain points. Is there an accompanying working model of the solution?
Research framework on GitHub
Sally Park: is MedRec research framework released on GitHub? I am really interested in decentralized record management system to handle EHRs using block-chain technology
Yulin Zhou: Will this be released in 2017?
Blockchain UX
Ron Ribitzky: Kudos to a great value model! User Experience (UX) design is a formidable obstacle to maturing blockchain from a pure technology play to the consumers in healthcare and life science markets. More ...
Feasibility Study
Francesco Gadaleta: How can a user have control if the raw data is still on the provider's infrastructure? If the data is not on the blockchain it will not enjoy the benefits of the blockchain itself (which then becom...
Michael Mainelli: This has been done already for several clinical trials. You can view about 25,000 to 50,000 impressions per day here and the press background March 2016 https://met...
Proof Of Work
Doug Bulleit: Inasmuch as MedRec is a "permissioned" blockchain, why not use a simpler Proof Of Stake format?
Nchinda Nchinda: Because true PoS doesn’t exist yet, and wouldn’t make sense for this as we have a need for coinage in the system.
Discussion on Jun 02, 2016
Charles Everitt: As an elderly patient with lots of healthcare providers I have long recognized and voiced to providers that a system such as this is needed. If you need a test dummy, I would be glad to help. Skimm...
Eliot Slevin: I agree this is some super interesting research, and definetly something the worlds medical systems need. Just in reference to your 1st thought about duplicate tests, that would be great - but the...