The Viral Communications group creates scalable technologies that evolve with user inventiveness. We have a rich history in proximal and infrastructure-free networks and their applications, as well as in applications that integrate mobile computing with the spaces around us. These include codes embedded in objects and in images that make them self-describing and detectable. In 2013, we introduced a new focus on Ultimate Media (see UM listing.) This multi-sponsor program envisions a unified interface for all visual media, including television, movies, magazines, and newspapers. It is a generalized platform for social and data-driven exploration and creation of news, sports, and narrative experiences.

Recent Projects

Feb 15, 2018Updated: Feb 16, 2018
Feb 15, 2018Updated: May 01, 2018
Apr 11, 2016
MedRec applies blockchain smart contracts to create a decentralized content-management system for your healthcare data, across providers.
Mar 09, 2016
Solar-powered Bitcoin mining rigs that transform excess energy capacity from renewable energy into money. Envisions a wide network of rigs.